a wave does seem like something Jongin would use to compare himself to. "They always come back, but each time it's different. And when you know the wave is just going to draw back into the sea, you let it be"

"But the shore's always there," Kyungsoo offers hopefully.

Hi! how y’all doing?? so i actually promised to make a follow forever when i hit 1k of followers but since i was too busy with finishing my diploma, it got held up ;A;. now my diploma is completed and all i do now is staying home building up more fats pmsl

anyways i wanna thank u guys for being cool and nice and creating a flawless blog that makes me cray on the fact that how can u guys still following my poopie blog. i sarang u all, u don’t even know how much u guys bring so much happiness to me. ok here goes my ugly tears ;_;. thanks for coping with my bad english, late reply on messages and just having convo with me, i truly appreciate it. all of you are bootipul and deserves all the sarangs from oppars in the world

i tried to keep the list minimum but i iz fail. i follow 300+ blogs do u feel me. Some of you have changed url and I just  )ノ ┻━┻ so I deeply apologize if I missed out anyone close to me don’t hate me pleaseu

i don’t link the urls bc i’m a lazy bum but do tell me if i made a mistake on the spelling -..-

these are the nice senpais / precious chingus / kiyut people / gorgeous blogs -  who notices me and have a mutual follow

12derpsofexo, 12eclipses, 12shadesofexo, 4dkyungsoo, 50shades-of-kai, 950802, baiixians, bexost, byun-jongin, byunbunnie, byunbyunbaek, chanbaekary, chankai, chanliette, dickhan, duizhangoncrack, eekso, eexu, eggxoh, engurishlove, esexoeveryday, exo-aegyo, fantaosdick, forever-an-exo-fan, fyeah-chansoo, hyunkais, in-do-isle, intoxikaition, jongintroducemetoyourbed, jongyifan, k-k-kyungsoo, kaicecream, kaihormone, kairist, kaistellations, kawaii-luhan, krishonicles, krispy-wings, krissingyeol, kyeonqsu, kyungsocute, laypocky, loveswu, luhan-s, masturbaek, moanwithwufan, motnanie, nuna-nunong, ohbubble, ohmyzelo, ohreos, oshzt, readysetohmy, sehuna, sehunniesmilk, sekaih, sekchanfan, sexotichunhan, sexyguy-kai, spoon-full-of-exo, tao-zis, taomi, taos-lips, texocity, wufabulous, wufantastic, wuyifun, xinggyi, xingrens, yee-exom-exok-asdfghjkl-history, yeol-gasm, yikexing, yixingy, zongren


hokaid-o, jaepanese, ohmydeery, secretkyungsoo, taedy, yiffantastic

While these are the people that I pray every day for them to notice me lol.

69withsehun, baekhyu-n, baekhyunised, chandonut, cumbaek, doitlikethis123, dokyungsoo, eno-wu, fabulousehun, flawfreesuho, happyvirus, jongins, jonqdaes, kimjongasm, kirswu, kiyeo-bunbun, kris-wu, kristeuls, luludeery, lusekais, midnighttofu, myungyeoll, oh-baka, ohdults, oh-luhans, ohsehunnie1, parkbaekyeol, roll-likea-buffalo, sooxiu, suckmebaek, suho, sumireu, taozia, telekenesis, xehunf, xiumintss, yiffan

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