a wave does seem like something Jongin would use to compare himself to. "They always come back, but each time it's different. And when you know the wave is just going to draw back into the sea, you let it be"

"But the shore's always there," Kyungsoo offers hopefully.

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but..but..*u* my social skill turn well when i talk to little sweetheart like you ^^ ..the rest of the time im an awkward potato (Chris knows well this lol) XD

grrr i just wanna squish both u and chris! kyaaaa~! how can u guys be so kiut > o< i have so much feels for u like can u guys be my otp lmao

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Posted: January 26, 2013 (1 year ago)
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  1. engurishlove said: omg lol XD.. we are so obvious?but don’t add another otp in your life >_< isn’t much painful even only kaisoo ship already?
  2. in-do-isle said: OTP! XDD …will u start a fansite for us?! LMAO~
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