a wave does seem like something Jongin would use to compare himself to. "They always come back, but each time it's different. And when you know the wave is just going to draw back into the sea, you let it be"

"But the shore's always there," Kyungsoo offers hopefully.
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doitlikethis123, in-do-isle, engurishlove :)

all the kyungsoo-biased blogs. i love all of them ok bc we have same bias /sobs

doitlikethis123 - i followed them. i always reblog from them. perfect blog. one of my fave!

in-do-isle - i’m excited to write for chris lol. XD. chris is my oppar i legit screamed in my room when she followed me bc she is senpai. i even boasted to my sister. my mood were great for few days pmsl what a pathetic me. she’s very sweet i just wanna love her down 

engurishlove - adriana is sweet as well! she loves chris so much i know. haha. she’s really welcoming. and i like her url. talk to her and i’m sure u gonna love her

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Posted: January 25, 2013 (1 year ago)
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  1. engurishlove said: but..but..*u* my social skill turn well when i talk to little sweetheart like you ^^ ..the rest of the time i’m an awkward potato (Chris knows well this lol) XD
  2. in-do-isle said: O__O?! I see my url, asdfghjkl! Omg! U make it sound like am a celebrity. XD forever not a senpai okay~ u are too cute really bella! ♥3♥
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